Poultry materials


  • Automatic Syringe
    This is used for automatic injecting.

  • Bell Drinkers
    Used for convenient watering of the chickens.

  • Big Drinkers
    Used for grown-up chicks.

  • Automatic debeaking Machine
    Used to remove pointed beaks to prevent injuries.

  • Automated deep liter system
    This is used to make liter collection easy.

  • Day-old chicks
    For sale.

  • Dried Catfish
    For sale.

  • Layer cages
    Makes feeding and egg collection a convenient task.

  • Catfish fingerlings
    For sale.

  • Frozen Chicken
    For sale.

  • Dog Muflers
    Safely restrain your dogs.

  • Transfer crates
    Move your animals around with ease.

  • Defeathering machine
    Reduce the amount of time spent in plucking chicken feathers.

  • Pigs nipple drinkers
    A convenient way to keep your pigs hydrated.

  • Rabbit nipples.
    Water your rabbits without stress.

Name Price
General Treatment 1 N3000
General Treatment 2 N5000
General Treatment 3 N8000
Deworming 1 N1000
Deworming 2 N2000
Antirabies vaccine N2500