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CNPS partners with you to give your child a sound education. As we take up this collaborative journey, we invite you to take your time to know our school.


Basically, our process of admission for a new academic session begins in January and ends in April. Prospective pupils do the following:

  • Purchase of admission form. Please go through the School Policy before signing.
    (Please Read Carefully)
  • Admission exam and or interviews
  • Pupils entering the pre-nursery class are expected to be two years of age on admission.

    After the entrance exam admission is given on merit. If we are forced to drop one of two candidates who are at par with each other, factors such as time of picking the form, having a sibling already in the school, age of the candidates, etc, are considered. We also conduct supplementary exams in July-August if need be.



    Pupils have right to:

  • Learn and play in a safe and clean environment
  • Be respected
  • Access adequate and appropriate facilities
  • Express their opinion
  • Express themselves in an appropriate manner
  • Privacy

  • Pupils have responsibility to:

  • Actively promote safe and clean practices while at school
  • Participate in school activities to the best of their ability
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Care for school facilities in a respectful manner
  • Tolerate opinions of others
  • Express themselves in a socially acceptable manner
  • Allow others their privacy
  • Report perceived bullying

  • Parents have rights to:

  • Be respected by staff, pupils and the wider school community
  • Be welcomed at our school
  • Have their child’s full potential realized within the limitations of available resources
  • Meet with staff and discuss issues concerning the school procedures, and their child’s progress and reports
  • Have their opinion respected

  • Parents have a responsibility to:

  • Show respect towards staff, pupils and the wider school community
  • Model appropriate behavior, including language
  • Be available to discuss their child’s progress
  • Ensure their child is sent to school prepared to be involved in the formulation and support of the school policy
  • Support programs developed by the school
  • Express themselves in a socially acceptable manner
  • Respect opinions of others
  • Allow others their privacy
  • Report welfare concerns


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    Our institution cherishes orderliness as this remains the only environment under which meaningful learning can take place. So we expect you to follow instructions once you enter the school compound.

    Just like you should be respected by every staff, we expect you to respect every staff in return. We also expect you to cooperate with the school in maintaining high discipline and sound academic excellence.


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    At CNPS no child is considered more important that the others. Every child participates in all the activities of his/her class or of the school. The school rules and regulations are meant for all.

    Parents are not free to exempt their children from extracurricular activities like excursion, field trips, nature walk, graduation, Christmas party without cogent reasons. They pay for any cost arising from these activities even if their ward did not, for any reason, attend.


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    Nursery: Girls wear pink check gown with navy blue belt and navy blue collar, the school stockings and black shoe. Boys put on navy blue short, pink check shirt, school stockings, and black shoe.

    Primary: Girls wear navy blue skirt and sky-blue shirt with the school stockings, school tie and black shoes. Boys put on navy blue trousers and sky blue shirt with the school stockings, school tie and black shoes.

    The PE uniform is worn with white canvass and school stockings every Wednesdays.

    Girls who wish to plait or weave their hairs must follow a pattern indicated by the school. A recommended hair style which is to be worn for two weeks (unless otherwise indicated) is put forth by the school from time to time.

    Others girls wishing to weave but whose hairs are too short for the recommended style are allowed to do a simple plaiting without prolonging the length of their natural hair. Use of attachments, beads, and hair colouring is prohibited in CNPS.

    Boys are expected to cut or comb their natural hairs – no stylish hair cuts or addition of relaxers.

    There is no prescribed uniform for the babies in the Creche. Parents should ensure that their wards are neatly dressed. It is also the duty of the parents to bring the needed pampers, extra clothing, baby food and other specified items for their babies on a daily basis. Parents will be surcharged should the school provide these items for them.


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    Our school activities begin daily at 7:55 AM. That means your ward is expected to be seated in school before this time. At 8:00 AM the school gate is closed against late comers. Our school takes offence at parents who knock at the gate or abuse the security personnel after the gate has been closed.

    Late comers go home!

    Note that dropping off your child outside the main gate is at your own risk. CNPS will not be held accountable for any child that is not properly handed over to the staff on duty (at the entrance door or in the bus).


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    The daily closing time is 3:00 pm, except on Fridays when we close at 1:30 pm. However, parents who wish to pick their wards earlier (for nursery classes only) can do so between 1:30 and 1:50 pm.

    Note that parents who fail to pick up their wards 30 minutes after dismissal pay a fine of ₦500.00 and the amount is doubled one hour after dismissal.


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    If your child is to be absent from school, please inform the school before 8:30 am. Such information should be done through email or text message. State clearly the reasons for the absenteeism and the likely number of days the child will be absent from school.


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    Except with the permission the head teacher, parents are not allowed into the classroom during class hours, that is, from assembly time to dismissal. Once you bring your ward, hand him/her over to the staff on duty. The child will be taken care of.

    Up to 15 minutes after dismissal [(3:00-3:15 PM (daily) or 1:00 -1:45 PM (Fridays)] you are free to walk into the classroom to pick your child. After 15 minutes, the remaining children are sent to the School Hall from where their parents will then pick them.

    Parents should not chat with any staff on duty either in the classroom or at the hall. Any staff that has some children to look after at a particular time is deemed to be on duty.


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    We value communication and would want you to walk along with us in this regard.

    Some vital information from the school will often be communicated to you through your ward’s communication book, the class whatsap forum and newsletters. Information passed through any of these media is deemed to be official and to have reached everybody.

    Please, ensure that your child’s class teacher has your whatsap/phone number.

    You can always view have access to information on CNPS on our Facebook page -

    To contact the school in times of need, the following numbers can be used:
    08161113224 (CNPS),
    08038327623 (Headteacher),
    08100861495 (Bursar),
    08037370560 (Deputy Head, Nursery) and
    08035710277 (Deputy Head, Primary).


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    Presentation of the pupil’s identity (ID) card before picking him/her is a must. Since the aim is to ensure the security of every child, we expect parents to cooperate willingly with respect to this. It does not matter if the staff demanding the identity card from you knows you very well. Any parent who will not want to be “disturbed” with the ID card issue will sign an undertaking authorizing the school to allow his/her ward to be picked without the ID card.


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    Prompt payment of school fees makes for effective rendering of school services. The school expects parents to pay their ward’s school fees before the resumption of the term.

    NB: Newly admitted pupils must pay all the admission charges before resuming.

    All payments of school fees should be made into the school’s
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3601027152


    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5600483979

    The name of the child for whom the payment is made should appear in the teller as the payer. That is, the name of the pupil whose fee is being paid should be used as the payer. Those who pay by transfer should provide a printout/evidence of the transfer to the bursar for proper receipting.

    For every payment you make, make sure you collect the receipt from the bursar after tendering your evidence of payment.


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    Parents should provide water and lunch for their wards or buy food items and snacks for them from the school canteen by themselves or through the class teacher (or the assistant class teacher) and or the school bus attendants. Ensure that the water cans and lunch boxes are clean. Parents are also encouraged to be moderate in the quantity of food and drinks they give their wards.

    NB: The pupils are not allowed to keep money with them.

    Fruit Days
    To ensure that the children get balanced diet, the school has made Tuesdays and Thursdays Fruit Days.

    On those days pupils are not allowed to bring snacks to school- only fruits and cooked food. Snacks brought to school on those days will be forfeited.


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    Making the environment safe from harm is of paramount importance to us. However, it may happen that injuries occur once in a while, or a child takes ill along the day. In such situations the school nurse can only administer first aids and minor treatments while the parents will be called to take the pupil home if there is a considerable risk with keeping him/her further in the school. The parents pay should any extraordinary medical expenses be incurred on behalf of their ward.

    The sick bay does not admit children who are sick from home. Sick children should be kept at home. Children who are infected with communicable diseases should also be kept at home. Please not that CNPS reserves the right to search pupils and their belongings at any time during the school period to safeguard the wellbeing of the community.

    It belongs to parents to furnish the school with the accurate medical records or their child.


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    Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you have made the sacrifice to bring your child to CNPS, make sure to join us in monitoring his/her activities- assignments, communication book, reading diary, food, hygiene, the contents of his school bag, etc.

    Such concern will also make you a regular attendant to Parent-Teachers Forum meetings and Open Day activities and other organized activities.


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    In subscribing for the school bus preference is given to those who have been in the bus. The only caveat is that they must renew their subscription seven working days before school resumption every term. Continued interest in the bus is shown only by this renewal.

    No first timer should pay for the bus without express clearance from the Head teacher.

    It is against charity to keep the bus waiting at your house. During the pick-up time, the bus drivers have been mandated to leave behind pupils that are not ready three minutes after the bus arrives. After 3 minutes of waiting during the return trip, the bus returns the pupil to the custody of the school security until the parents come for him/her.

    Due to bad roads, it happens that the buses are not able to reach some houses. Affected parents should make plans as to the convenient place to pick and drop their wards. Note also that the bus attendants do not enter into peoples’ houses, flats or rooms to pick children. Picking and dropping are done from the outside of houses.


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    To guard against misplacements common among pupils you are expected to put identification marks on your ward’s textbooks, cardigan and stockings etc.

    Pupils are not allowed to bring their valuables to school unless a special demand communicated to the parents is made. Under this arrangement the valuable should be handed to the class teacher.

    The school cannot be held accountable for loss of valuables brought to the school outside the conditions already stated.


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    It may happen that you are not satisfied with our services or the behavior of one or two of our staff; nobody is perfect.

    Take all your complaints to the Headteacher’s office.

    The school takes exception for any form of confrontations with or violence on any staff member, from the gate to the classrooms.

    According to the decision of the Parent-Teachers Forum (PTF), any violent confrontation with a staff attracts a fine of Five Thousand Naira (₦5,000.00) only.

    The school reserves the right to expel or suspend a pupil on account of violent or non-cooperative behaviour by the parent.

    On the other hand you are assured that the school will not take any misbehaviour by any staff lightly.


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    CNPS requires that all prospective parents should read and understand the contents of this handbook before signing the school admission form.