Reflecting on the origins and spread of various Marian devotions such as the Franciscan crown and the Rosary as well as on her many apparitions, one recurrent theme was underlined, that is, Mary comes to the rescue whenever the chips are down, be it the chips of an individual or of the entire world. The underlying message is, also, the same, which is that true devotion to Mary is not just good for but is essential to our growth and witness as Christians.

In the origin-story of the Franciscan crown, the young man almost lost hope of becoming a Religious under the guise of wanting to continue his devotion to Mary which was hindered by community activities. His hope was restored when Mary taught him that true devotion to her consists more in desiring to always be with her than in the external practice of laying wreaths or mechanically fingering beads.

Mary teaches us, through this young man, that we ought not be dismayed when we cannot fulfill the devotions we have assigned for ourselves. Neither are we to abandon devotion to her because of other pressing engagements like work or study.

She encourages us to carry her always in our hearts through ejaculatory prayers and other such expressions of love so that like St Francis, constantly and joyfully praying, give fitting praise to God our Father through devotion to our Lady.

The basic principle is for us to give all to God with the help of our Mother Mary.